What to Expect from class

Clear Instruction

Every Pilates exercise is performed in a specific way for a specific reason. Each session is taught with the aim to educate; to learn the things that will best support one’s needs and offer positive and permanent change. To achieve this, clear instruction is key!

As well as using clear verbal cues and visual demonstrations, we are pretty hands on. We offer tactile cues to those who need more support or guidance.



Concentration is one of the original Pilates Principles. Pilates is not a class to come to and switch off, on the contrary. Pilates is about muscle engagement, placement, precision and control. To be able to get the very best from the work there is a need for concentration, to help strengthen one’s own body awareness and perform each exercise correctly to build strength in the right places.

Theme of the Week

There are many techniques and many topics involved in the Pilates method. There is a lot to take in, and Pilates classes can sometimes feel like an information overload, especially for beginners. We work with a ‘Theme of the Week’ to help break things down into bite sized chunks. This offers clients a great platform to learning more and assesses progress from week to week.

This does not mean classes are slow or too intense with information; in fact having a focal point helps the pace and flow of each class and certainly means you can work hard on each area.

Active & Static Stretching

Flexibility contributes to muscular strength and pain free movement. Traditionally Pilates gets you flexibility through the dynamic, full range movements of the classical repertoire, which is still very much the case in the intermediate or advanced level classes.

As we work with more of the contemporary methods in the beginners or mixed level classes, more active and static stretching is included to help ease tension and promote functional and fluid movement through common stubborn or tight areas of the body.

A Balanced Class

Pilates put simply is about overriding stronger and potentially more overused muscle groups to get to find, feel and work the deeper muscles of the body. The deeper muscles are not just the core muscles, they include the stability muscle of the hips, shoulder, upper back and limbs too.

In every class we include all ranges of movement, both strength and flexibility exercises and a range of upper and lower body exercises, to create an excellent, balanced all-round class.


There are different levels for different needs. We offer Beginners and Intermediate classes, Pre and Post natal classes and classes specifically for back care and posture (corporate packages). There is something for every one, at any stage.

Consistency is Key

The long term benefits of Pilates will only be achieved if you commit to the work. It takes a while for the body to adapt and muscle memory to evolve, so consistency is key!

Class Passes

We offer 6 or 12 block class passes that can be used at any time for any class.  All class passes have an expiry date, so please be aware of this.

Open Classes

We run open classes and do not have a booking system, so there is no need to book or cancel a class if you can’t make it. Some of our classes are busy, so it is worth contacting us to checking class availably if you are a new or a returning member to class.

Check out our testimonials for more of a personal understanding of what to expect….