Pilates Basics – Red Magazine June 2015

Check out the Pilates article I did for Red Magazine this summer (June 2015)

Pilates Exercise Video Mary Paternoster

Pilates Exercise Video Mary Paternoster


Basic Pilates – A short and effective programme

The work out is a short, basic level Pilates programme, suitable for all levels.


It is aimed at bringing awareness and neutral position of the posture, (with particular attention to the lower back and hips). Getting this part right will help encourage the correct engagement and strength of all the deeper core muscles, helping you achieve a flatter, stronger and more toned middle.


It covers the alignment of the hips and spine, which is a fundamental part of the Pilates method. When you get the aliment of the hips and lower back in a good place, all muscle needed to support your posture work and engage together, helping to ease overload on the back muscles and bring a balance of work through your core.


Please do note, your back muscles are also core muscles, so they are muscles we want to work, so please do not be surprised if your lower back muscles are being felt. As long as you focus on position and precision and you feel engagement through your abdominals, you know you are doing it right! Alway opt for the modified option if you are unsure, and stop if your body is instinctively telling you to!


The benefits of breathing correctly

The breathing technique is also important to include to be able to better engage deeper muscles. There is a strong connection between the Pelvic Floor and the Diaphram when we breath, especially on the exhale breath; so learning the Pilates breathing technique and consciously engaging core muscles at the same time, can have huge beneficial effects on your results.

I hope you enjoy the workout!


” For a toned tummy, you need good posture, the right breathing and to engage every single muscle in your core.”

This doesn’t mean merely tensing or bracing your abs, it is the art of learning to position, engage and control your body.


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