The Paternoster Approach

The original method known as ‘Classical Pilates’ was taught to Ballet dancers and elite athletes, to challenge and develop strength, stamina, control and flexibility.

Over the past century life and standard of living has changed dramatically. In this modern day, more and more people are suffering the effects of postural problems, muscle weakness or imbalances from sedentary lifestyles.

Pilates has been adapted and in many respects modified over the past 10-20 years to help tackle common injuries or postural problems that now readily exist in our society.

The perfect Blend

Paternoster Pilates blends both the Classical and Contemporary repertoires to deliver strong, safe and well-balanced sessions.


Each session combines the original alignment, precision and core strength focus of the Pilates method, with extra emphasis placed on building joint stability and flexibility; and creating functional, fun and results-based sessions.


It is our aim to teach and educate; to help strengthen your body awareness and learn the things that will best strengthen yet take care of your body; to help people enjoy life the active, or at least injury free/pain free way.


What we offer

We run a range of beginner, mixed level and intermediate level Pilates classes, pre and postnatal classes and corporate classes at the workplace.

Personal training and fitness based sessions are also available.

There is something for every one, at every level.



Read some of our testimonials to see what current Paternoster Pilates clients have to say about us!

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If your spine is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

– Joseph Pilates

When all your muscles are properly developed, you will perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.

– Joseph Pilates

What our clients say about Paternoster Pilates.

  • I really enjoy the variety of Mary's classes. She always makes sure we work the main muscle groups, but does it in different ways to build our strength. She also seems to tailor the class to extend on what we have achieved and also to target areas of difficulty. She also focuses on not just abdominal core, but the core muscles across the whole abdomen, which I think is an indication of a skilled teacher. Thanks! Rachel Zwi

  • Mary has a real understanding of how the body works and draws from her experience in other movement disciplines to make the classes fun, varied and challenging.  Having discovered pilates 20 years ago ) I have avoided group classes for nearly as long as they  never suited my timetable. So I am thrilled to have found Mary's classes which fit in with my erratic lifestyle and keeps me coming back for more.! LindseyWhitelaw (retired pilates teacher) Wandsworth

  • I have known Mary for almost 10 years now, and her energy and passion have never ceased to amaze and inspire me. As an instructor, she is thorough, engaging and hugely dedicated - the attention she gives each person in her classes cannot fail to lead to improvement and well being and her enthusiasm is utterly infectious. I have taken Mary's postnatal Pilates classes after both my babies, and found they helped me regain pre-pregnancy fitness quickly, safely and enjoyably. After my second baby, Mary's classes and advice also helped me get rid of back pain - her exercises are always specifically tailored to the needs of her clients. In short, I cannot recommend Mary warmly enough - thank you for all your support and generosity over the years.

    Cecile de Cormis - Tate Gallery

  • For anyone who has considered giving Pilates a try I can’t recommend Mary highly enough. Mary shows real patience, understanding and compassion and has been a lifesaver these last couple of months using Pilates to help me work through terrible back and neck pain. Mary has provided me with the most amazing support, teaching me how to use different techniques to manage and ease the pain myself while looking to strengthen areas of weakness and improve my overall movement and flexibility. If you can get to classes in SW London you should definitely check her out.

    Fiona Kelly - RBS

  • Mary makes Pilates fun! My previous experience was boring; I had no idea whether that small muscle was moving or not. Mary explains clearly, demonstrates, encourages and injects humour. That’s not to say her classes are easy, oh no, but boy do you want to go back each week!

    Catherine Jones - Transport for London

  • I am a legal assistant at a London law firm and have been attending Mary’s intermediate Pilates classes for a couple of years - and absolutely love it. She is a brilliant instructor who gets results. Whether it’s toning, stretching, flexibility or strength, I leave the class every week feeling stronger and healthier (and taller)! Pilates is exercise that is doable for everyone and Mary gives personal attention to ensure we are doing the exercises correctly, and she always encourages and supports the class. It’s fabulous!

    Leanne Power

  • I have been going to Mary's classes for a few years and I always leave her class walking a little taller and with a smile on my face. Most weeks I will come to class with a few issues and Mary will come up with modifications for my benefit. Flexibility and mobility are one of my biggest weaknesses but I can truthfully say with Mary's excellent and patient teaching I have made big strides.

    Andrew Walker

  • Pilates with Mary has improved my core fitness no end and has been a really enjoyable way to increase my flexibility and stamina. Mary is a brilliant teacher, encouraging progression whilst keeping it interesting and fun with new exercises and a specific weekly focus. She provides encouragement and advice throughout and her classes are an important part of my week.  

    Kate Payne - Events Manager

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