Mum & Baby Pilates

Mum & Baby Pilates classes are designed to nurture and support postnatal bodies; They offer essential exercises for building core strength and body tone after pregnancy and birth, whilst offering a friendly and safe environment for babies!

About the Mum & Baby Pilates Class

The Mum’s and Baby Pilates classes are designed specifically for post pregnancy, offering new mums some much deserved time to focus on themselves and an opportunity to nurture their bodies back to shape. 

The Pilates work supports the recovery of the pelvic floor and Diastasi Recti abdominals (abdominal lining), which is essential after pregnancy. The class will also help your alignment and tone around the hips and core, ease and stretch tired muscles of the back and shoulders and work though functional fitness movements for all over body strength.

It is a great way to bond with your baby, learn exercises you can do at home and meet other local mums.

A perfect all round class! 


The long term benefits of Pilates will only be achieved if you commit to the work. It takes a while for the body to adapt and muscle memory to evolve, so consistency is key!


Benefits of Post Natal Pilates

  • Build core strength: re-awakening and strengthening the core will also provide support for your back, which may be under greater strain from feeding and carrying your baby.
  • Tone-up; with focused leg, arm and core exercises.
  • Regain hip and spine stability, to improve alignment and posture and promote back health.
  • Rediscover your pelvic floor; a priority for new mums.  
  • Energize the back, hips, shoulders and chest; even after the toughest of nights, safe and targeted exercise will boost your energy, confidence and mood.
  • You time; The class gives new Mum’s some much deserved time to focus on themselves and nurture their bodies back to shape, whilst offering a friendly and safe environment for their babies!
  • Make new friends: Our friendly and fun exercise classes are a great way to meet other new mums and make new friends in the area.

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Mary is the founder of Paternoster Pilates, principle Pilates teacher and author of Core Strength Training DK Books (2013). She is still as passionate and dedicated today as ever about the wealth and rewards of health, fitness and movement based training.   With a lifetime of personal practice in gymnastics, sport and professional dance; over 15yrs of Pilates experience; and