Mixed Level Pilates

This is a great comprehensive class, working through basic Pilates exercises and the strength work and building blocks for more intermediate exercises. It’s a great class for anyone looking for a strong all round class with plenty of technique.

It is advised to take a few beginner classes beforehand (though not essential), to gain a basic understanding of the Pilates Principles. It’s a class for the fast learners, and those who love the strength and movement aspects of Pilates.

About the Mixed Level Class

This class is a great all round class. It goes through many of the basic Pilates exercises to bring good awareness and engagement to the body. It then starts to bring in the strength work and building blocks for more intermediate exercises. Stability balls and toning rings are often used in the class; to offer more assistance, resistant or challenge to exercises.

This is a class is diverse, fun and effective for everyone. Modified options are always available, so you can work to a level suitable for you.

The long term benefits of Pilates will only be achieved if you commit to the work. It takes a while for the body to adapt and muscle memory to evolve, so consistency is key!


Benefits of Mixed Level Pilates 

  • Learning to assess posture and neutral spine alignment
  • Strengthens core stability, core balance and core control
  • Promotes functional ranges of movement through all joints
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens and tones the body
  • Heightens mind-body awareness, strengthens motor skills & co-ordination

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Class Timetable

 Open TimeClose TimeTrainerAddress
Wednesday13:0013:55 Mary PaternosterWandsworth Common Studio
13:00 - 13:55 - with Mary Paternoster - at Wandsworth Common Studio

Mary is the founder of Paternoster Pilates, principle Pilates teacher and author of Core Strength Training DK Books (2013). She is still as passionate and dedicated today as ever about the wealth and rewards of health, fitness and movement based training.   With a lifetime of personal practice in gymnastics, sport and professional dance; over 15yrs of Pilates experience; and