Intermediate Pilates

The intermediate class starts to introduce the Classical Mat Work series of the Pilates method. It focuses a lot more on the bigger, stronger and more dynamic moves from the Mat Work, therefore good understanding of the Pilates principlesbasic alignment, core stability and movement control is advised before starting this class (though not essential).

This class is for those who love the all over strength work of Pilates. It is not advised for anyone who suffers with any back, neck or shoulder injuries.

About the Intermediate Class

The intermediate class starts to introduce the more advanced and dynamic exercises of the Classical Mat Work series. It still works with the primary principles of alignment, core stability and movement control aspects, though also focuses on strength, stamina and active flexibility.

It is a fun, challenging and effective all round class!

The long term benefits of Pilates will only be achieved if you commit to the work. It takes a while for the body to adapt and muscle memory to evolve, so consistency is key!


Benefits of Intermediate Pilates 

  • Introduces the classical mat work series
  • Strengthens core stability, core balance and core control
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens and tones the body
  • Heightens mind-body awareness, improves motor skills & co-ordination
  • Fun and challenging class

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Mary is the founder of Paternoster Pilates, principle Pilates teacher and author of Core Strength Training DK Books (2013). She is still as passionate and dedicated today as ever about the wealth and rewards of health, fitness and movement based training.   With a lifetime of personal practice in gymnastics, sport and professional dance; over 15yrs of Pilates experience; and