Mixed Level

Mum & Baby Pilates

Mum & Baby Pilates classes are designed to nurture and support postnatal bodies; They offer essential exercises for building core strength and body tone after pregnancy and birth, whilst offering a friendly and safe environment for babies!

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Intermediate Pilates

The intermediate class starts to introduce the Classical Mat Work series of the Pilates method. It focuses a lot more on the bigger, stronger and more dynamic moves from the Mat Work, therefore good understanding of the Pilates principles, basic alignment, core stability and movement control is advised before starting this class (though not essential). This class is for those who love the

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Mixed Level Pilates

This is a great comprehensive class, working through basic Pilates exercises and the strength work and building blocks for more intermediate exercises. It’s a great class for anyone looking for a strong all round class with plenty of technique. It is advised to take a few beginner classes beforehand (though not essential), to gain a basic understanding of the Pilates Principles. It’s a class for the fast learners,

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Corporate Classes

Corporate classes aim to target posture and core muscles. Classes focus on basic Pilates exercises and flexibility. Many of the exercises in this class pay specific attention to the hips, back and shoulders, targeting common problem areas of tightness or weakness that cause back trouble. This class is suitable for absolute beginners, people with postural problems or injuries or those who like the more detailed, controlled pace of Pilates.

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